Quantas veces te tengo que decir, que Quantum Physics

Since beginning to follow Quantum Mechanics closely, I have discovered an entirely different world around me. It seems that knowledge is literally power. I think that when it finally clicked in my head one day, while sitting in a field alone, was the moment that I started to recognize the way Quantum Mechanics integrates itself into your reconnaissance, first, then your existence. Technically, everything in the world of classical physics, is technically quantum physics just by association, but once you realize what it is, then you begin to see it at work in your life. It’s something more than coincidences, it without a doubt is the cosmic universe, god, if you will, intrinsically weaving himself into every aspect of your life. So much so that every song you hear or any literary text you pick up to read is directly talking about you, or to you. No, this isn’t borderline schizo shit, this is legitimate facts. Undeniable abilities that come with centering your energies, which I assume are quantize d just like all the quantize d molecules we produce into the air as dark matter. I believe dark matter is blinked into existence and since we are promptly juxtaposing and ‘eyeballing’ the space and world around us one intermittent blink at a time, then that must be why the very act of observing can make the molecule become a wave or a particle upon being observed. Truthfully I think the correct word isn’t observed, but rather blinked, measured and then finalized into what you thought it might do. Further supporting the idea that our thoughts influence happenings in the Quantum real world. The dark matter accounts for all the quantize d bits waiting to become waves or particles depending on the observer. Anyways, that’s what I’ve been noticing lately.