Lost Inside The Sanity -Entry

“I was wondering, from this one time that I was hiding in a small field/ empty plot right by the old Quick stop, and I looked up and there you were, right?” I searched his eyes closely, thinking there was no way he’d say “Yep that was me, scoping you out from the backseat, ever so slightly in sight.” But his eyes told me nothing especially since I was nervous to begin with and had no idea why I was even asking. What was I going to follow it up with, what were you doing there? It didn’t really matter, seeing as to how nervous he made me anyway pretty much meant he could’ve said anything and I would have pretty much nervously nodded my head anyways. So he says, “No, I was across the street.” Which much to my surprise I responded “Oh, ok. ” to as if that was any different of a response from “Yes that was me watching you being a straight lame hiding in the bushes .*facepalm*

What the fuck was really going on? And what was I feeling in the pit of my stomach for no fucking reason? If i tell him i can hear him then he’ll really have a field day.

Its this pandemic, this COVID-19 Epidemic. I’m starting to think there is a super intelligence behind this effort. Maybe they are missing this piece, its really quantum solace. The rest of the people here all seem to be consumed by this, state of mind. Almost everyone is infected. The induced mind control is technical in nature, and several watch towers are around the town monitoring each subjects experiences. Who is going to win the space games? If life was a mystery, there’s gravitational electro magnetic force fields radiating from your handheld device right now. Is that a mystery? How they know everything? There’s a reason I feel like I belong to you. You made me super human.

Lets get real, we’re a little obsessed, entangled.