The Present That is The Present

The Present That is The Present

God is not nature, and nature is not god. In nature, he is ceaselessly domineering in absolutely every aspect of life. Both in wisdom, through scriptures of the Bible, and most definitely pictorially in actual life, every single day. The world, was created for his amusement, and consequentially if studied closely, the bible, which is said to be, solidified instruction for man as he endeavors through the treks of life, and the world with man’s experience in his life alongside each other, are the works of one magnificent truly divine being, who has left nothing out; Whose depiction of the creation of the world as written in holy scripture matches with the very same sequence of events happening in modern-day. When interpreted correctly, nothing has been left out, and the perfectly imperfect machine that is the world, that which thrives for us day in and day out, has without a doubt been created for the existence of man. Down to the minutest of occurrences, within each creation that has breath, and even those that do not, nothing was left to chance. All derivations of anything you see around you right now, and even dating back to the caveman days, are all small laboratories in which the most marvelous of processes all work in their corresponding ways to produce absolutely everything that you see. From the dirt used to build mud tee-pees for the indigenous tribes of life, to the tile derived and used from marble and limestone to furnish and deck out the modern-day apartment, to the trade-winds that allow all air-born winds and equatorial shifts in the worlds of the sea, to the sun that rises every day to illuminate and give life and energy to all that live beneath it, down to the moon in all of its glory, and even the ant who works rigorously to create and maintain a smaller version of the very same thriving kingdom that we live in today, all serve their purpose and prose in the great machine that is the world. The world is made in concordance with all that man ever needed to thrive and live happily here on earth. If the sun was any closer, we would all burn to death, if the sun was any further, we would surely all freeze. The world is made up of more water than there is land, ever-shifting and ever moving in the worlds that make up all the streams, rivers, and oceans, which serve as commercial trade-routes for the human, to facilitate the moving of natural resources to the seven continents of the world. Not to mention that your body is presumably 90% water and that none of the freshwater available to us in the oceans is digestible due to the amount of saline sodium content in the water, but of course, the earth comes with its very own beautiful natural condensation process which removes all moisture from everything in the earth, careful to never take too much, for that would cause the world droughts and desolation that could destroy the world and leave its plains barren of tenants. Not only that, but the temperatures, climates, and processes that occur in the atmosphere are all part of a grand scheme that all work together to allow masses of land to prevail higher than the oceans, the reason that we could build our homes and cities in the grooves, bumps, and perfect indentations that make up our mountain ranges, from the alps, to the Andes; The seven candles in the Jewish religion and in the bible as depicted in revelations is a direct message to the powers of the world, each candle signifying a continent which God hath in his right hand, seeing as to, the world can be attributed to the creator’s hand. The lights which light each candle are representations of the enlightenment that need to be brought to every corner of the world, before the self-presumed powers devour the world, as they are currently doing. The truth is, no human, has endeavored to think it out the way that the omnipotent has. Every single thing is accounted for, from the amount of nitrogen and oxygen in the air to the way that human beings breathe in oxygen, and exhale the perfect chemical breakdown so as to reciprocate the process and return the favor to all the vegetation and greenery that embellishes the earth. The human, has a trachea, throat, mouth, tongue, specifically to be able to take the air, and formulate into sounds, that which we can use to communicate with each other, and even have our very own processors, that of which is allowing you to receive this message that I convey on the world-wide internet, and even further and more-so extraordinary, You are computing it, understanding it, and hopefully saving it for later use. Always share your knowledge with others. To understand god, you must realize he looks through your eyes, and thus you through his, and then comes all the unity. The transparency. Remember, it’s Matter’s of the Mind, Mind Over Matter, you can trust me, it matters.

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