The World

Based on extensive scientific research, the world at its early stages, was in no form or shape ready to be inhabitable by human beings. In fact, it is believed, that at some point, the world was in such a state that based on atmospheric conditions, gravitational pressures, and changes in temperature and climates,  the world was presumably in a molten state.  Its state would most readily be described as molten. As in, completely hot liquid. After many, many years, the first stratified rocks began to surface on the faces of the earth. After that, the first signs of animal life appeared in the depths of the oceans in the forms of crustaceans.. From them, came the fish, and from the fish literally surfaced onto the land and evolved other species further distinguished in their own class of species, as reptiles. From reptiles came to be mammals, and of the mammals, the final product to surface out of the earth is you. The human being. Everything on earth speaks of derivation, meaning to have derived or came from what came before it.

Two great volumes have been laid before man for his instruction, and from which his ideas and science all have been derived – the material works, and the inspired word of God. These being the productions of the same wise and unchangeable author, the harmony subsisting between them is universal and complete. Both have for their end the manifestation of the invisible deity. While in the Bible we have a verbal revelation of wisdom and power and goodness of God, in material Nature we have a pictorial of the same, “the invisible things of him being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.”

That must be you, since you are made in his image. The truth is that all the voids we feel in our hearts, all those moments when we feel lost and alone, are all moments in which you separate yourself from the godly image in which you were created. It is of the first of the first that Adam and Eve received for them a paradise, in which they were allotted everything they needed to live happily and abundantly, so as to be able to propagate and subsist happily on the lands here on earth. Old biblical scripture notes that Adam and Eve were both given rules and regulations to follow. It must have been a natural precipice of entertainment, the creation of the human. For they fell under the spell of the self and disobeyed the superintelligence, for which he has accordingly updated his masterpiece. Is anyone else finding that try as you might, this is trickling into every facet of your existence , the  God particle? God makes no mistakes,  to truthfully learn that valuable  lesson is truthfully a merit. It means you must be truly living. Infinitely of course.  For if you believe,  blindly,  to see through the bullshit of others, chances are you’re still using your eyes to try and make sense of this world. To make sense of that of which you have full sensory perception, it’s important to deprive the senses, completely. Only then can you begin to sense the aura of the entire invisible world around you, and within that world figure out how it is that all of this world actually came to be. Then you’ll notice, it’s not you suddenly having an implanted lie detector in your brain, its just that,  all starting with the source, you create all your consciousness. Until you accept conscious knowledge to further empower your physical and mental ability to assess and process situations and people, you might actually really be awake finally. The truth is, the world, is your library, and you’re just choosing to watch the movie. The book is so much better! The world, has never, without hit or miss, limited what you can see, what you can do, and what you could learn. People did that. The truth is, you’re really something to marvel at, a super-intelligent capable human being. 
Hmm… I wonder where the idea of superheroes and marvel comics, came from? Maybe some human who has figured some stuff out and used movies and propaganda to capitalize on your abilitites. Abilities you know nothing about, of course. First, you must become aware of the unawareness. You’re consciousness of the world  being here, in the first place. To be unaware of the unawareness is where I was at, for most of my existence. It is not something that should make you feel ashamed, When I realized how I was living my life, a lot of things began to change. With that, come the tempest. The people around you, who have not been enlightened, who have not yet illuminated their thought process, will rebuke you. They might even crucify you, figuratively. They will tear you apart. Once you realize all of the ailment in the world, it is extremely difficult to not isolate yourself. Mostly, out of fear, to return to living blindly. Now, at the center and facet of my life, exists only one truth, Love, and God, can literally make anything possible. There is no protection in the entire universe, as vast, and true as the love of the omnipotent. I can attest to this, personally, and I invite you into this other world, where truthfully, if you want to know, you just have to start looking. You will see what I mean, by, it’s impossible to negate that god is love, and consequently, god is good, and of course, god is everything.

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