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Something completely unspoken of, the government. It seems we have just been following orders and being submissive for ages, and since this seems to be the way things are people just accept it as normalcy. What’s normal? Social platforms and comments and likes? What’s normal? Hatred, murder, and lying? What gives people a sense of security? War and genocide? What makes people feel better? Stress and bills? Disconnectedness? Apocalyptic pandemic? All those things sound really weird to the pre-industrialized Indian who roamed and lived in these lands long before the European or the Great American- British American came into these lands. To the indigenous people, actually, it is the modern-day common man, who behaves not erratically, but rather, robotic in nature, if you will. Almost, insentient. Animalistic in nature. It is you, who participates in things that are far from spiritual and sometimes, nowhere near human. To the Indian, every single person in this place acts like an animal. Finds gratification in bestiality, and in nonsentient non-spiritual electrical devices that in fact take off your energy instead of replenishing it. Take a gander, could you drink from any stream or any river? Without fear of becoming sick and possibly becoming ill? Could you wander the world without hit or miss without worrying about your safety? If suddenly, all cellphone apparatus’ disappeared in the world, could you adapt to living a device-free life? How drastically would your day change and could you find enjoyment in all the natural physicality that the world is?

Today, the world is in a state of pain and anguish, desolation, and Post Apocalyptic World Pandemic. It’s needless to say, the world is on edge right now.

What does cause the world feelings like pain and anguish?

Why money of course! Well, rather, let’s rephrase that a little bit. I think in fact it’s more likely that you’ve actually heard the complete opposite of that there statement. Maybe something more along the lines of “Money Makes The World Go Round!” and while lucratively that might be true for us today, money, in fact, does not make the world go round, it’s the omnipotent being that created all that is in the world in such a way where it can continue to thrive day after day. Think about how, if we were to choose an empty plot of land, and adapted a way of life similar to that of the indigenous Indian, and lived off of the land, we could subsist happily, hunting and cultivating food straight out of the ground all-year-round and if no one showed up with guns to harass or charge us some man-made currency that never existed, we could thrive off the earth happily. During the pre-industrialized era, when Indians would go out to catch a wild boar or some similar animal, they would work together, to catch their prey. Upon the catch, the men would dismember the animal and amongst distribute the food evenly so they could each return to their families with food to eat. Imagine that today, that process has been simplified thanks to industrialization, but have they gone too far?

What came with Industrialization? Large coal refineries and ports were created to facilitate the mass production of resources for the people. The negative effects of industrialization are still taking their toll on the world today. The world changed from an agrarian state to a mechanical one. Meaning the job industry transformed rapidly into an industrialized more mechanical process instead of the original land cultivated agriculture-based industry causing a lot of public contamination and pollution as well as high health hazards. Enter exhibit A, corona-virus SARS19 and all of its variants that has gripped the world by the throat and is picking off human life left and right. Carbon-based life is proving to be detrimental to the earth’s health. Likewise as important, the world is now gripped with a deadly pandemic that statistically is hitting the world with such impact it is estimated to be far worse in numbers in comparison to the bubonic plague that threatened the world in the seventeenth century. Could it be that common man has abused the natural resources disposed to the human being here on earth? The world has gotten past the point of self-destruction. Scientists warn of possible world depletion by 2030 if the world does not find a way to become a zero-carbon-based fuel planet before 2024. That’s pretty disappointing considering the world consequently is also trying to survive the COVID-19 SARS virus that is killing everyone, How many world powers does it take to destroy the world? Are we all willing to standby on auto-bot like we have been, paying city ordinances, following pointless laws, and letting all government officials buy us out with Holidays that truthfully don’t celebrate much but pay homage to our pre-destined middle-class lives? Unless you’re of a family of money, then chances are you’re a middle-class working man or woman trying to make it, trying to survive in today’s world, just like everybody else. The world has systematized a society, people, and an entire group of individuals into the sickest most manipulated army of regular people like you and me, who never had any control of some of the major things to have caused this pandemic we are all enduring today. Even worse, it seems the human being is actually capable of far more capabilities one could marvel at upon closer self-introspection. Furthermore, if we could, as the people, assess and address the issues that all the world powers are obviously having trouble keeping under wraps, could we as people who never have exercised any type of power, simply because we were never allotted any, not even over our own lives, have a clearer mind when it comes to solving huge problems that clearly we are direct victims of? Surely when the post-apocalyptic pandemic hits it’s not the middle-class blue collared worker who will find himself financially stable enough to endure the tolls that sickness can take on the world. Just some food for thought, until next time! Remember, it’s Matters of the Mind, Mind Over Matter, It Matters!

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