The Sun God Ra Edited

If I told you, that in fact, you are far more telepathic than you know, vastly more keen to evolving situations, and that actually, at full potential you’re in fact a lean mean fighting machine, would you believe it? If I proposed that somewhere along the lines, someone figured out that the human mind was not only extremely capable but rather, in absolute completeness responsible for anything made on planet earth besides the earth, the skies, and the waters, and in this realization realized the power of the human being creature, would you believe it? Powers you could literally marvel at. Like marvel comics and all it’s human superhero counterparts. Yikes, could Spider-man be some intelligent human’s web of lies, as they masked all the natural real abilities of the human being? How did we go from being fully aware of a conscious mind to only being 10% aware consciously, while the remaining 80-90 percent remains the mysterious unknown subconscious. That little voice that directs your mind all day and any waking second that you are processing the world around you.

The seven wonders of the world, for example, people have marveled over for centuries. Wondering how, and when they were created. Archaeologists all over the world can’t really explain how the pyramids, for example, were built. If you do some research on the topic, you will find extensive different theories, many of which are plausible but not have been proved. It seems, after careful study that the pyramids have been seemingly built from the top down. American archaeologist Mark Lehner stated in an interview that he has never doubted that human beings were responsible for building the beautiful pyramids that still stand today, precise in architecture and schematics, however, he has questioned whether or not they had some type of ‘super-intelligent inspiration’ was what he referred to it as. How could the Aztec’s and Mayan’s have built the pyramids from the top down without cranes, and without any machinery or help from modern technology and how we build buildings today​? It’s seemingly impossible, wouldn’t you agree? What differences exist in today’s society in comparison with the societies that were in existence back then? If you think about it, in today’s day and age, it is said that the average human uses about 10% of their brain, and if the potential of the rest of the brain was unleashed then the human’s capabilities would be exalted. So, today, technology is through the roof. The things you can do with electricity and with technology based devices range from smart light bulbs that turn on using your voice and your cellphone, to complete smart home systems with real-time alerts and on-call support. The technology is wireless now, with lightning fast speeds, however, without all the fancy machinery, cranes, trucks, etc, how were ancients able to build such historical trademarks? Wonders of the world” we have dubbed them, that have such precise archaeological measurements such that at certain times, for example, The Feathered Serpent” a precise and beautiful pyramid which at sundown shows a serpent slithering down the length of the pyramid. How could ancient tribes from those eras have managed to build perfectly precise buildings like these from the top-down as many researchers and archaeologists speculate today? Upon watching Apocalypto a Mel Gibson movie released in 2006, indigenous tribes are depicted living indigenously in the jungles unaware of Mayan and Aztec Civilizations. These tribes people are infiltrated by the Mayans who ravish their villages and capture them to march them back to their Mayan Cities. Upon arrival, the women are sold at the town square, the men are painted blue, and then they are marched up the pyramid steps to the top where they are sacrificed and cut open at the chest so as to remove the heart from the body as a sacrifice offered to the Sun God Ra. In this scene, where they are marching the indians up the length of the pyramid to the top, all the people of the city can be seen below, cheering, dancing, and screaming. The Mayans pay homage to the Sun God by singing, dancing, and ultimately sacrificing their catch. However, I couldn’t help but notice, all the individuals in the movie with their hands out-stretched up towards the sun, their eyes closed. In the movie, after sacrificing some of their village catch, the sun darkens among st the people for a short moment of time and the people rejoice and scream and shout, and they cease to continue sacrificing the indians. The remaining Indians are marched down to a large field with a levi at the end of it that leads back to the jungle they originated from but in order to make it out free they must run across a long stretch of dirt while being shot in the back with arrows. It was.. imperative to me that I understand why such appreciation for the sun. When finally it came to me. The sun, provides us with all the energy one needs in the world. Everyone. Everywhere. Could the sun be the source of all that exists, as far as energy goes, here on earth. The sun god, then, would be considered omnipotent, correct?

Taking this mind adventure a little further, I began to theorize on the likelihood that the moon then, has it’s own important significance to the overall existence, and overall transcending of the human spirit back to being one with all that is in the cosmic universe? Just as day has its night, darkness it’s light, and sun it’s moon. Man, his woman. Does everything consist on this molecular polarity even at the very basis of it’s existence?

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