The single most mysterious thing to the human being is all at once the most familiar thing in the world. Consciousness. The feeling of ‘you’. The being of the ‘self’. How can something like abundant life be so perfectly orchestrated? Surely other people in the world have thought to have these thoughts as have I throughout my life. In a book I am still currently reading, Science and the Bible, it begins to explain how in the beginning there was nothing. Of nothingness, the face of the omnipotent shown among st the waters. So then it was, that god had created the world, and where there was darkness, he made light. With that, came everything that is in existence to the day. The beginning, was never specified. A time frame never given in the scriptures that make up the bible. Truthfully, when the world came into existence, is just a mystery to the human being. Well, only until you search to find where the beginning was. Could you try to wrap your mind around the absolute fact that you were, and in fact are, the beginning of everything that you know? If you think about it long enough, that’s a fact. You can’t negate its truth. The truth is, the essence of everything begins with your realization, that god is inside everything. Everywhere you look, he’s manifested. In your thoughts, in your eyes, in your mind, in everything you see and touch, and taste. The unification of the energy that makes up everything in the world is what makes up gods one undying non-stipulated kind of love. That’s the only way a world so vastly hustling and bustling about us can go on day after day. With weather conditions and terrain more or less perfect for the conditions that the human really needs to live in, the earth, was created in perfection for the human race existence. In the beginning, where there was only earth and water, erosion and pressure as well as climate change overtime have to do with the first appearance of stratified rocks, which overtime came to be the beginnings of life and how it came to be on earth. From there, the first animals began to appear on the faces of the earth in forms of crustaceans, and other small mostly aquatic species of fish. After proper world evolution other animals began to take form on the land and from reptiles came to be mammals and after appropriate time the earth was ready for the final product it spit out, and that product happens to be you. The human being is the last thing the earth has evolved in to creation, a product evolutionary intelligent, and divine. With abilities that are in fact something to actually marvel over and about.

In Today’s Day and Age in Society

There’s nothing that is in auto bot like the human being. The word government , actually means, by definition, Govern: to control guide or represent a certain group of people- and ment of latin origin means mind in latin , Government literally translating into the governing of the minds.

Let’s take things a little further, and speculate on the fact that the technology seed has more or less been dropped on us like a bombshell in the last 50 years or so. With developments so deftly incredible its disgusting. Innovative as all the technology has been for the modern world, its hard to ignore some of the direct results of the technology wave that has literally taken over the world. Think about a handheld device, like a cellphone. Just how is important is your cellphone to you? Could you imagine yourself without it? What kind of power does it govern in your life? Moreso, if I told you, that in fact, you are far more telepathic than you know, vastly more keen to evolving situations, and that actually, at full potential you’re in fact a lean mean super fighting machine, could you believe it. So intricate, to the day, it cannot be replicated. No quantum computer will ever be as omnipotent, as the human being. Not the human, the human being.

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