Rule of Thumb

Rightfully speaking, helping others is a way to ensure growth not only spiritually but mentally. The benefits can even be physical in nature, meaning you can see the areas of your life improve in practicing the art of being. All human beings have the right to every single thing the previous human is entitled to. In this world, you are only entitled two things.


Consciousness is a gift all it’s own. It’s just that, seemingly, someone somewhere figured this out. Yes, despite what they tell you after countless hours of documentaries, extensive research, and individual probing, the world will tell you, that no one has figured out consciousness. While this might be true, they have figured it out to an extent. The extent of which, of course, is unbeknownst to you. Consciousness is an electric-chemical perfect process. The ins and outs of consciousness I’m afraid, have yet to be discovered. However, we are aware that it is something like, a maze. A labyrinth. An endless corridor of doors that you spend your entire life adventuring. Some doors you never open, out of fear, out of love, out of you name it. Some doors, you spend a lot of time behind, while others, you simply pass by, some not by choice, but still you wander the corridor. We all wander the corridor. The corridor, was dark. Today, in 2021, I’m absolutely 100% sure, the corridor is more than enlightened. I mean that figuratively, i mean that literally. Your consciousness, is aside from a perfect chemical process, also an electric one. Most of our household appliances, are powered through the very same electricity, at a much higher voltage, yes, however, still, the same electricity. What does that mean? Well, let’s think about that for a minute and talk about what it can mean. Firstly, I would like to say, this is just an individual perception of a less than peripheral view of the world. In my dreams I am somewhere else, a duplicate of this world. If the brain measures, processes, computes, and then performs specific actions in reference to that particular brain’s measurement of the world around them, then it is safe to assume your friend’s brain, can probably do the same thing. When you sleep, in the beginning stages of REM sleep- (REM sleep, stands for rapid eye movement) The body begins to slow it’s breathing, and slowly and steadily brain activity begins to cease. However, when entering the 3rd stage of sleep, REM sleep begins to take over. At this point you are in a much heavier sleep-state, little sounds will not wake you up as easily, and your body at least the extremities ie: arms, legs, feet etc, are more or less paralyzed. Literally. According to studies, the human body naturally disables the individual from motor cognition because the individual, in the event of this not happening, would act out all of their dreams, while completely asleep. The brain, however, during this stage of sleep, is very active. Very very very active. In fact, more active than when you are awake. If you go to sleep, to re-energize, then your body heals faster when you sleep because your body is working overtime to create more glucose based energy among st other things your body needs. If, say, someone discovered that human consciousness was made up of quanta particles and that it wasn’t the act of observing a quantum experiment like the famous slit experiment suggests, but instead some other human interaction that perhaps made particles act in a way that was mysterious even to physicists, what could someone in power do with such an amazing discovery?

What could it be? That which makes particles, down to the fundamentals of physics behave in such a way that the outcome isn’t the same as the one you’d likely expected? For example, in quantum physics, the big mystery is the basics of how the subatomic particle reacts upon observation. So imagine a particle, which is what everything in the world is made up of, be it solid, liquid, or gas, including both you and me and everything you can likely see right now, broken down to its smallest subatomic particle. It’s about a million times smaller than a grain of sand, just so you can get an idea. Now imagine that in an experiment, physicists took a lot of particles and shot them through a wall with two slits in it. They shot particle after particle after particle, and upon finishing, when they looked at the wall behind the two slits, the particles had sure enough made two gradient lines just behind the perforated wall, and that was all fine and dandy. So physicists, performed the experiment again, and this time, observed the particles as they shot them through the wall, and were amazed at what they found. This time instead of the two gradient like impressions, what they found was that the particles somehow were able to change form once arriving at the slits in the wall, and upon crossing the threshold, became wave-like in nature, rendering thus, a gradient impression that spread along the entire width of the second wall. It was as if, the particle knew it was being watched, and simply, reacted to, in quantum physics today, they will tell you, that the particle reacts to your observing of it, but rather, i would like to make an educated guess, that it is instead the act of blinking which renders the particle, mysterious, godly if you will. Don’t play dumb, set back with a rule of thumb, the world is yours.

Tonight, I will write about the second gift that the human is entitled to.

Love you guys! Thank you so much for reading my thoughts.!

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