Free Willy

The second thing every single human being is allotted without hit or miss, is free will. In today’s day and age, the concept might seem a little, stretchy to say the least. However, let’s make it a point to understand that humans do this almost as if by nature. Well, more realistically, by socially stigmatized nature. Think about how when you wake in the morning, with the exception of children, you more or less can plan, envision, and set out to do, literally anything you set out to do. Somewhere in there, that concept became marred with over-generalizations, social stigmas, incompetence, and just flat out ignorance. To think any one attribute could make any one human more or less worthy of that which any other human possessed is ignorance based on the simple fact that if you are sentient and aware, then it is likely that so is your neighbor and thus, they too must be equally ambitious to prosper and become fruitful in life.. The problem with the beautiful gifts that the super-intelligent omnipotent has put in place for the human being, have been abruptly halted in their wake, and furnished with unrealistic allotments of independence and freedom that in all reality are the exact opposite of what the human beings purpose ever was, in this place. If you don’t impose your right in your life to be a human being , then all the fucking zombies begin to feed off of your creative drive, your happy , your spirit. Then you might end up feeling like me. Dare to be somebody.

Will you?

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