I like it

Being alone wasn’t something I ever really put any thought into. In my life, there was hardly a moment I spent alone. Now, I spend most of everyday alone with my thoughts, and consequently I have discovered many secrets that were seemingly hidden in plain sight. Fundamentally, it took the most time for me to realize how blind I really was. I can’t believe I ever lived my life with anything other than love at the center and basis of everything that is. God is watching the world through your eyes, guiding your every move, speaking to you, in your mind. Your mind isn’t the stressful voice in the back of your head reminding you to delete those messages off of your phone before your significant other gets around to snooping in your inbox. Or the little voice that is driving you up the wall with the many things that could go wrong at that moment in your life. It’s a little bit.. Intruding to bring yourself to fully wrap your mind around the idea of what the “god particle” or for mad scientists, the “quantum particle” is exactly capable of. In fact, if you read into the topic and dig as deep as you can dig into scientific research and study papers, then all you find is a bunch of people talking about how they don’t know why the particle behaves the way it does upon being observed.  I’ve come to the conclusion of, isn’t everything that amazing upon your first discovery of it? Think of a baby, who is whooed by the world around them, wide eyed and aghast at everything in sight.

Until the baby has gathered enough information to become conscious, then only until that moment does the individual begin to form memories, and store them in a fashion that the individual starts to have their first collective memories. Where do you suppose the mind is all that time before it reaches the age of actual reconnaissance? If you had to stop and think about it, what is your first memory? Do you remember everything after that first memory or is it more like your first memory, some blurriness in between, and then more solid  memories that you can recall in a continuous fashion? Consciousness is funny and fuzzy for that reason. For example, patients that come out of a coma. Most of them have no recollection of any type of dreams, and if they do, no memories of ‘waking up’ and more of a continuous fuzzy fugue state, one which seems very real up until the moment of coming to from a coma. Where do you think the conscious mind is, in a moment like that? Rather, in  a stretch of a moment like that? Some coma patients have lasted in a coma for months. That’s a long time to take a “break” from the real world that isn’t a nap or night time sleep. So If, everything was particularly made of the God particle,  particularly you, and well, consequentially, me, by cause and effect, everything that is, then, is godly. Is, like God, mysterious.  Like a mystery 🐕 or a mystery duck. 🤔 even a mystery 🐦 you’ll even find the biggest one of all,  a mystery life,  is beautiful.  Your perception of things can change everything in your life and can make you 💪 strong,  empowered,  even when,  or rather ESPECIALLY in solemnity.  

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