The Awakening

The Awakening                                                                                   

I’ve reached a point in my life where the facets of knowledge are so amazing that sometimes I just can’t believe all of the things I used to miss before, when I was ‘normal’. I don’t know exactly what this new state of mind, state of being would be referred to as, but from what I’ve researched I can mostly compare the feeling to that which they describe as a Koundalini Awakening. A Koundalini Awakening is said to be the dormant energy serpent that lies at the base of the spine. If ever this serpent is awakened and harnessed through all 7 energy chakras, ending at the crown chakra, the individual is then considered to have experienced a Koundalini Awakening. My Koundalini Awakening, if you’ve read my past posts regarding what my transcending,  and enlightenment journey has been like for me this past year, was shortly after a near-death experience, in fact it took me a couple months to realize what had happened and find the chakras, the energy, the knowledge,  and then have to put it all together slowly. It’s actually amazing, nothing that has happened, absolutely nothing that has happened up to this culminating moment was a coincidence or happened just by chance, everything was significant in my life, culminating up to the point when I finally reached true enlightenment. It’s like a whole other world that’s been hidden in plain sight, a place people choose not to see, because they are too busy being blinded by all the lights. How do you close your eyes to ultimately open your eyes to all that is? It’s literally just like it sounds.

 Believe it or not it wouldn’t kill you every now and then to take a break from all the energy that is the world, that is you. While fully awake and aware, close your eyes, slow your breathing, feel the breaths as they fill your lungs through your nose and release the air through your mouth.. Next, focus on what you can see with your eyes closed. Focus on anything you can see  at all  with your eyes closed and that’s a start at harnessing your natural powerful energy. That’s the true essence of prayer, of finding all the answers within your own soul. If in the past, you’ve never conversed with god, it’s probably because you don’t take the time to talk to yourself. For me, when being alone became somewhat something normal for me, at first, differentiating between my actual thoughts, and which thought process in disguise was actually god’s wisdom, emanating from some sort of unbelievably rich facet in your head, that actually seems a little weird at first, because sometimes the ideas come as images you start to imagine in your head. Sometimes, a dream will trigger a memory from long, long ago that will make you remember something you had otherwise forgotten. It’s almost the same feeling. Like you knew it all along and just don’t know how it could’ve slipped your attention. 

Meditation is the strongest form of prayer. I believe this because dating back to the oldest of civilizations, it is customary belief to think that we are created in the image of God. Which rightfully, could very well be an alien to the human, seeing as to God is everything and everything is intelligent particles. God is intelligent.  He has to be.  In this belief, since all matter is made up of particles and all particles are made up atoms, and atoms are made up of everything, then i safely have to conclude that you too must be just as ill and capable as the one true god. Then it must be why they say “dust you are and dust you will become.”

I find it incredibly exhilarating to realize god is within you at all times. Guiding your thought process, allowing you to play your role in the great play of life. Let’s take heed to the idea of the phrase “Great play” and not “Great work”. If god was a superintelligent entity that at some point in the dark abyss of nothingness expanded his consciousness to the point of human evolution, then created the earth for the human to inhabit, then that’s most likely, by the grace of god, upon seeing what the world had done to itself once given individual quantum consciousness, purposeful.  Meaning, you’re forever entangled to god, and with him, through him, it- if you will,  you can realize the intrinsic power of a truly super-intelligent being. Something so incredibly small, and entirely large at the same damn time. It’s ultimate release from the tremors of the mind, the stresses we sometimes self-impose, all stemming from ultimately digressing from the true essence of yourself. Individuality can have that affect on people, especially observed individuality, a case in which not only does the individual, striving for a sense of purpose and prose, strive outwardly, but also strive towards social stigmatic styles, or trends, often further confusing a person about their identity, and even worse, their self-discovery, and who they are.

When I figured out that uncertainty about something isn’t always a bad thing I started to feel a lot better about many things in my life. Truthfully, I’ve found that setting no limits or boundaries and just being yourself and trusting in god through meditation, then things can be seemingly become easier. Where once you were blind, you will find you can finally see a little clearly. You might even be able to hear a little more clearly too! Remember to concern yourself with things that really matter. Matters of the Mind, Mind over matter. It Matters.

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