FRP Bypass Tips Google Unlock

On Fixing Any Cell Phone with Google Lock;

So the dreaded FRP Lock that google puts on the android device’s today is pretty annoying. I thought maybe I would share a couple of things that I keep in mind when attempting to Google Unlock a phone.

Firstly to get past the first screen, usually you can turn on accessibility mode, activated by holding the volume up & down buttons simultaneous.

Once accessibility mode is activated, there’s a tedious setting that turns on with accessibility mode, that makes it so that you now have to use 2 fingers at the same time when touching the screen, in order to “click” on things properly.

Once a notification appears on the screen about turning on accessibility mode, click OK and wait for the Text-to-speech how-to to load onto the screen, followed by the Accessibility mode options menu; Once on that menu, Make an ‘L’ shape on the screen.

A dialog box should appear with another set of options. Of those options, click on “Text-To-Speech” Settings;

Phones vary when arriving to this part of getting into the phone. Some phone’s require you to search through the settings until you find the adequate loophole into the system of the phone and not this security enforced mundane version that you get when a phone is Google Locked.

Imagine this: When the phone companies drop a new phone imagine that it took all the people in a sky scraper to make that particular phone. On each floor in each cubicle, each worker was assigned a particular feature of that phone. The menu button, the start button, the home button, the home launcher, etc. Each feature of your mini computer, was programmed onto the phone and debugged and so on so forth. In one of those cubicles, on one of those floors, one of those guys, fucked up somewhere, so for each and every phone you ever get, If you’re patient and you take your time clicking here, and clicking there, well, you’ll eventually find your way in.

So, when you get to the Text-To-Speech settings part of the phone I look for , some type of sub menu . Like Google Voice Typing and then find that upon clicking on options similar to these, I can most quickly access the phone by then clicking on the 3 dots that appear at the top right of these sub menu’s after you click on them … where you can then click on Help or Feedback- which leads to another menu which specifies legalities and Google. Among st the options are YouTube TV and Google’s Privacy Policy YouTube’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Rights Etc.

Another way to gain access into the phone is through the Help and Feedback menu where a search box appears at the top and then a list of various help articles listed below it. You can click on the help articles until you find the one with a YouTube Video. When you find it, you can click on the video and then press and hold the video until you get an option to open with Chrome. Once in chrome you are inside the phone’s system, but the phone still remains Google Locked. There are several ways to bypass FRP But they all vary seeing as to the android’s keep uploading their shit every four seconds.

Here’s a list of helpful places:

Google VNROM FRP Bypass and Download the FILES.

On some versions , you can just open the VNROM Files and that will unlock your phone. If not try some of these other methods:

Test DPC APK download it from google and open it. Mess around with the settings. This program allows you to factory reset the phone. Mostly this works on Motorolla’s though. If initially upon opening Test DPC you get a prompt box saying something about the factory reset mode, then just exit, it won’t work.

Try downloading Quick Shortcut maker APK.

Install it. Next go back to google, type in Google Account Manager APK

Download it. Open and install it.

Now go back to the Quick Shortcut Maker apk app, open it and look under the ‘Google’ Section for ‘Google Account Manager’ . Click on the first option, it should open up , and click ‘try’.

Once you click try it should take you to a login window for google, log in with an account you know the password to.

If no login window appears, look for the three dots that will be in the top right corner, if the dots are there, then likely the screen remained blank like it was going to load something and ultimately didn’t. Upon clicking the 3 dots you should see the option ‘browser-login’ If you click on that it should open up another window that is a browser login. Login with an email and password that you know and when you complete the form. Restart the phone. When you get to the FRP Lock screen if it worked, instead of telling you it’s locked it will say WELCOME, (Your first Name) or whatever account is on the email you used for the browser log-in. ‘

If you tried to download the Google ACCT Manager and you couldn’t install it then go back to Google and download a different version of the Google Account Mananger APK For example, if you downloaded Google Account Manager 7.0 then try 8.0 or 6.0 etc, then go back to the Quick Shortcut Maker APK and try finding the Google Account Manager. It’s important that after downloading the GAM APK that you also open and install it into the phone after download. Nothing will happen once you download and install it. It is not a program, but rather a package that allows a process to occur. Like the validation of a Google Account. In this case, for the purposes of factory reset protection.

If all else fails and you can’t unlock it, but can get into the phone, like the internet and google chrome, then download Mohamed Akhbir’s Sidebar apk and open and install it. What that does is allows a side menu to appear when you swipe in from the left side of the screen, rendering the phone a little more useable while you do some more research and try to get it unlocked some other way. Good luck! Hope I helped in anyway possible! If you have any type of questions ask.

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