Fuck The Police

] Transgression ally, in my family, my parents always expected that you need be a college graduate, working a 9 to 5, making an ‘honest living’. For the longest time, I shared that opinion, but the more I realized how long the blue collar works to virtually have nothing, I began to build a more political stance as far as points of views regarding religion and social doctrine. By the time I had my first job, I was working in a warehouse, unloading trucks pallet per pallet. The work was heavy and the pay was 9.50 at the time. When picking up my check, it totaled to 368 and I remember thinking, ‘All those hot sweaty hours cutting my hands, over exerting myself to be absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. For what?

I started to realize, the backwards ass way that the entire American Culture has been based upon. For starters, the European from Great Britain arrives on Native American Land, slaughters all the Indians, and proceeds to industrialize and monopolize on technically ‘tribal lands’. Let’s note that before the European arrived, the Indians were living in an indigenous way, were living and eating off the lands that they inhabited. After slaughtering almost an entire group of people completely, the Europeans successfully paved the way for the beginning of America. The problem begun way back when, whenever the first human thought that for some reason, a void need be filled, where they can accomplish some sort of hierarchy, one in which they of course rank higher than some other group of people, thus establishing the false belief of ‘power’. Over the decades, the human being has become more and more dehumanized, relying mostly on the outside world to facilitate their insides, which is usually the mind, the feelings, the situations and problems they encounter in the world. The problem with that is, looking to the outside immediately when faced with a problem of some sort, instead of looking inwardly. Thus, people cease to think for themselves now a days, and it makes it then, much easier to set up a population ready and willing for some good ol’ mind control propaganda. Systematizing a whole group of people this way by means of propaganda, and strong-armed military force.

If we take a step back and look at the human race, and furthermore, the place that we live, then it’s soon apparent that everything the human being needs to thrive and exist, is already here. Essentially what is needed to survive is a shelter, food and water. Nothing else. Now, we can establish that if you have children, and your neighbor also has children, then its safe to say both families should be held in the same regard seeing as to they are also human, also harbor human emotions and experiences, and just a stab in the dark, I’m assuming if you love your children, then your neighbor must also love their children, and in turn we can then say, if you eat and your children thrive and eat, then you should see to it that your neighbor too, eats and thrives. Thus, if all we needed to survive was already here in the form of natural resource, where in there did the currency become a factor? Wouldn’t it be safe to say that the word economy is the same as the word power-trip or hierarchy? An economy refers to the wealth and riches of a country or agency. That sounds real nice but who reaps the benefits of a countries “economy”? The blue collared worker? Probably not. The economy was built against you, to restrain us in the middle class, lower-class economy. Without our heads to step on, how could there exist a higher-class? Needless to say, we mass produce and manufacture vehicles, food, houses, toilet paper, all the necessities you can think of, but we have to work countless hours, days, weeks, get taxed on the little money we make, are expected to make a living off of it, and are the ones doing the hard labor to keep these multi-million dollar industries thriving, yet, its the CEO’s and government officials who rise to power and in the Economy hierarchy surpass the average joe blue collared worker. Imagine a world where we never defaced women, children, or men by putting a number value on it equivalent to some schmuck’s idea of whatever “money” would be. It could be rocks, salt, hell, look at Bitcoin, it can be absolutely invisible and never even existent in the physical realm! Fuck the government and MOTHAFUCK the BITCHASS FUCKING police! Free the people and free my cousin Loka!

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