Lies, the Future, Loss of Significance


Today I wanted to take the time to share my perspective on lying and the way it makes the world spin a little slower. Everybody tells white lies, I suppose, but the second that you can find it within yourself to realize all the extra work you add to your probably already-stressful load by lying, is the moment you will realize how irrelevant to your constant existence lying is, but you’ll find that although you might  have to embrace some rather serious moments, you’ll realize that you also save yourself from a couple rather stupid situations. 

Lies are okay when you feed them to children. Sometimes children are too young to process and adequately interpet adult situations, and in these cases I find little white lies to be somewhat appropriate depending on the circumstance.

Between adults, however, I find lying despicable. Not only is it unecessary, but as the expression says: “Lying to me is like lying to you, is like lying to god.”

It is truthfully and to the point, pointless. Let’s not beat around the bush, lies are told because of fear. Fear begins to plague the soul and then out of fear of consequences about another person’s knowledge of certain situations causes feelings of fear, or uncertainty, and solely for that reason, lies are told. Lies told on this kind of basis are of the worst kind. It entails the liar obviously has some personal issues to work out in regards to defending their particular views or what they believe in. Which, fyi, if you’re having to lie about something to someone about something in your life, then maybe its time you evaluate why you’re even having to bend over backwards and do all this extra shit when in all reality, everything eventually comes out in the wash. It’s always better to tell the truth and not be afraid of anyone. After all, man should fear no man except God. The last point I would like to make is that lies are also told in an effort to spare someone’s feelings. This often works out just fine at least for a little while until the truth comes out eventually. The problem with telling lies to spare someone’s feelings is that even if it works for a little while, in the end, the person who’s been lied to goes through many more hurt feelings that the initial hurt feelings you were intentionally trying to spare. So not only do they go through the disappointment of being told a lie and uncovering it, but then they dually have to consequntially know the truth also, which if it were the reason you told the lie in the first place, then it’s likely the actual truth is probably no walk in the park. So take this into account before you think to tell a lie. It’s probably a little harder, but in the end it’s best for all parties involved. Lying makes the future lose significance, remember that.

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