Flower Child

I would like to make it a point to stress the role, if it is in a consistent fashion, that you might play in a child's life. I'm talking about a toddler to about the age of 13, or 14, when the teenager more or less gains a sense of self-assuredness and wants to go out into the world, free. Children, and notedly, I'm speaking from my own personal experience as a child, taking in the world around me, and from personal encounters with children throughout my adult life. Children are, the ultimate symbol of purity and innocence. In my experience, your mind does not think evil things, at least I didn't,  but I always know in the back of my mind that my mom and pop did their best to give us all they could our entire lives. They still do; At least not as a child, brought up in a good home. Children aren't born malevolent and acting out. They aren't born with instruction manuals either, so it is important to remember that a child is a child no matter what the circumstance cards of life have dealt that child. Some children do not have parents, some children do not have families even, yet can flourish into thriving, happy adults, depending on the people they happen upon along the way. That brings me back to you. Are there any children present in your life? With what frequency do you see this child, or children? Since a child has just barely grasped enough information about the world around him/her to finally become conscious, what I notice the average adult forgets, at least, from seeing the children around in my life, what it's really like to be a kid. Before taking a shower, and consequently during and after my shower, I meditated on what my mind was really like if I needed to try to mentally put myself back in a memory from that age frame. I remember watching the first time I was aloud to sit in the front seat as passenger with my mom. Everything looked so surreal and different, kind of scary, in a way, from the front seat. I must have been about 10. I knew soon we would have back to school night and I was excited about going downtown to the Family Bargain for matching outfits. (I hated matching outfits because my sister and I were not twins!) and she had allowed me to ride in the front seat. I kept my eyes on how she was driving for the most part, and asked her what each letter meant on the shifter, and if she could tell me what each petal was for. Everything that I ever did for the first time, my mind was focused on completely and with absolute resoluteness. I think it's very likely that all children are surmisably smarter than adults. For many reasons, their attention span is at its highest peak level, only decreasing with maturity. They are very absorbent and unscathed by prejudices and biases like middle aged adults. Its vital to remember they are innocent and are learning essentially to be able to survive in this world one day, without your protection, or that of anyone really. To tell you the truth, it's ugly out there right now. Remembering to have patience with children is important, to bring yourself to their level and remember that everyday is 100 times more important in their lives than it probably could be in yours, since you have the reconnaissance to understand that as children they are ill-equipped to fend for themselves in the real world. I've watched countless times on many different various occasions parents who seem to have their children on a set schedule consisting of school and cellphone, or tablet usage time, or hanging out with friends not only unsupervised, but unaccounted for, and even worse, irrelevant to anyone's real list of priorities, which is the saddest because it means that as children, they are allowed the freedom to venture out into a potentially dangerous and scary place, then I can only imagine what kind of things they will stumble through as children, teenagers, things I've only just barely stumbled into, thanks to my lovely wonderful parent's who always went out of their way, still go out of their way to aid in us in anything we need, ever. I implore you to remember that any child you frequent even if its not on a daily basis, remembers you in their minds when they lay down at night and think about probably the handful of adults they know aside from the kids they see at school. For the most part, from personal experience, (that wasn't that long ago for me, trust me) the only people we look at, especially as growing, glowing prepubescent preteens, and especially as teenagers are only the handful of adults we know to begin with, which if you're like the average teenager, you don't really want much to do with to begin with anyway but are practically watching, taking notes on, and probably secretly copying to the T because that's what the fuck kids do. So remember that, don't just send your kid off to "watch TV" or do what ever he or she does everyday and not stop to ask what's going on in their minds, or if anything is troubling them. These days are the days that will help make or break them when things can get really hard, and they need to make sense of chaos on their own. Not being ready to deal with certain circumstances life can throw at an individual can be severe to a person's  way of life or consequentially their individual predicaments in the event that they are ill-equipped to deal or cope with certain situations. Also, approach is an important factor too, since I can only speak from a daughter's perspective, and not a mother's seeing as to I don't have any children. My mom always stressed the fact, whenever we scorned at some lecture or punishment, that her job was never to be our friend,  but rather a parent. She is the world's perfect mom, but I always try to remember she learned to be a mom from her dad and my Grandfather was very stern in nature, only calling us 3 times by name, and if he'd called that many times already it meant trouble. I used to always want to retort with well, you could always be my mom and my friend but it dawns on me now that I never stop to ask her how or what she's going through and that's insightful in many ways, for one, it shows that she at least was already dealing with way more than I was at my age by the time she was 26, and it shows how she was able to still instill ways in my upbringing that ultimately lead to enlightenment and fulfillment enough to be able to take in, learn, and earn enough knowledge or reconnaissance of this place we live in to even share with you, some of the culminations of her lifelong teachings. A sanctity as sacred as the dead sea scrolls to me. She reminds me constantly the importance of children, and is the main reason I endeavor to try to take in as much of this world as I can before I have to go explaining things I can't to a smaller version of me, one that likely I will love more than I love my own mother, she told me. I believe her, but I won't know what that's like for a while, I'm still confused and single and alone and adulting... it seems. I think. Mom? lol 

p.s. I love you mommy and daddy 🙂 

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