Made It Out The Labyrinth

Photo by Tom Fisk on

I guess it’s safe to say that if I haven’t completely lost it. Actually, I think i mgiht have found it. Oddly enough. Ive discovered some new truths about the world that we live in, and in turn, in my beliefs, a not so new approach to consciousness. Although even today in the 21st century, where they predominantly govern the minds, the government would ultimately lose, in the event that the people were suddenly revered with the truth. It’s a truly disgusting thing, what the human has been capable of doing to corrupt itself. I include myself in that there statement. What else other than self-awarenesswould a Government(Govern:conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (/ˈɡovərn/a state, organization, or people/ ment of latin origin mente means mind) [By means of mind control]  need to shun their people from? If you were aware of the self then you’d be in turn aware of thy neighbors and thus, the world could move in harmony, perhaps? God would never forbid happiness. It is why he is a loving god, and in turn, a condescending one. God made the heavens but do not let it ever leave your mind, your personal penitentiary, that you are trying to make it out with your soul, and since he made the heavens, he probably made the hells and the serpent and fiery lakes of fire. That being said, it’s pretty clear as water that life is a game, and i’m pretty sure its checkers, and you’re trying to be Checking those that try to oppose the game of life. If it were Chess I would assume that then maybe somewhere in your life pawns became prevalent and god doesn’t like the human doing things like that, as it turns out, this is not your game, despite what you might have thought, and it turns out you’re supposed to be his pawn and faithFUL servant, in gratitude for all the gifts that is life. These lands in the physical realm were essentially created for your amusement. It is up to you to figure out the trials and tribulations that may light your way to that place where there is everything and everyone and at once nothing and everything. One again,  assuming that’s what it must be this magical place I’ve been to. Now I can go there anytime, except my biggest problem with it is remembering that I can do that. Time and time again I forget about being able to do that. Even though in my world, I discovered it. Sometimes I find, based on the ideas that do come to mind if i do manage to get a meditative minute in, that somehow I just don’t remember willingly, because the possibilities would be limitless and I guess when you really get some power,  the real kind of power, it diminishes as soon as you start to confuse it with physical power. If you begin to do that,, the power begins to diminish also. It’s a very empowering experience, however sometimes you do not reap the physical benefits that others may seek. In fact, the only term for it could be enlightening, even if it seems a little dark out there. Fags.

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