Beta Brain Waves

Better way days only come with Beta Brainwaves. Beta brain waves are at an all-time-low, in terms of functionality. In order for something to function properly, it’s important to understand it. Seeing as moving through the world still stupefies me to the point of no end, many things perturb my existence. Thus, really fucking up my camera’s point of view, for a really long time.

Recently, over the course of this last year, I’ve discovered many things about myself, and in turn, about you. Yes, you. Particularly, I found a new intrigue towards what everything is.

You see there’s interference, all day,  to the beautiful, perfect process of the god molecule. I know you let the interference in. I know, because I let the interference in, too.We’re only aware of this planar existence,here in this physical plane. Now, I know of all the places that are. The interference can be so subtle, is so subtle, you wouldn’t even know it’s there. The body, is like a musical instrument, from which you can emit soulful  and meaningful sounds to try to adorn the spirits around you, and give them a musical rendition of what your soul craves to scream. Voice. The body is speaking a language all its own, cosmically, and molecularly.  

They say everything in the world is made up of energy. You know E = mc[2]?

It is. The human creature is an energy body as it moves about in the world. In our real world.

The mind is so powerful, sometimes we fail to see the intricate processes that not only the mind, but also the body carries out on a daily basis. It happens when you think, when you observe, when you recount, when you sleep, when you scream, when you condescend, when you blame, when you speculate, when you gather conclusions, when you do. How?

There’s a simplicity in the way the god molecule moves about in the world. Sometimes, most times, it is so subtle, that it happens every waking moment, and we take it for granted, even worse, we don’t understand it. Some of us live the entirety of our lives and we never even taste it, never smell it, never even does it ever cross our minds. Our minds, stand in the way of the most ultimate release from this place that seems to reap pretty beautiful things, however, still throughout we find suffering, and we have to endure this life, there is no other way. To detach ourselves from our energy bodies denotes a lack of awareness for self and of holistically, the entire world you wander. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, especially if no one ever taught you exactly how to look at it. Is there a guide on how exactly you should look at the world? Probably not. So what of it when your particular walk of life ushers you along the way of enlightenment. Where somewhere in the midst of all your accomplishments, in the midst of all your consciousness, you transcend somewhere else. There in that place lies and endless facet of information, it’s almost as if once you get there you’re instantly transformed into a super human being, and any imformation you desire will come easy as 1, 2, weeee!

Did you know that along the base of your spine, runs a long spiritual alliance between the body’s 7 main chakras? Chakras mean “spinning wheels” in Sanskrit, also translated to  “turn”, this word originates from Indo-European origins.The chakras are referred to as wheels because each “chakra’ is a real actual location on your body from which real electric energy pulses are radiated along all the tiny fibers that meet at the base of your  spine, making first contact with the hypothalamus. Which by the way, has been scientifically proven to shrink when under too much stress. Why?

Maybe because all the main organs in your body tie back into each of the spindly fiber messes that head towards one main central nervous ass system. Especially if you don’t know  this other system, all these hidden personalities that mental you has to run-through, pick up whatever the fuck it remembers to feel like (p.s. By that I just mean, the god particle reprograms itself so that all the tiny cells membrane and all, reform magically into new cells that now assist in the brain’s chemical process of your memory system, so you could remember this? Remember? Or are you like me, and your fucking membrane dimembered itself before you could remember all the shit.  Well new membrane remember some memories may,, and carry it half-assedly back to you tom, Tonight on Ellen, 8pm tune in folks, kapische? Probably not.
Luckily for you, this energy, when you become one again with all that is, it’s contagious!

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