Matters of the Mind, Mind Over Matter It Matters

Welcome to Matters of the Mind, Mind Over Matter, It Matters Blog. This blog is meant to enlighten sense of self-awareness, level of conscious awareness, and hopefully, empower you along your journey, seeing as to everyone is making their own realities, in accordance with their own particular adventures!

Oh.. you didn’t know you were on an adventure? You didn’t know that your brain is processing the world around it so precisely, well, based on what it has been taught, and depending on how it has been taught to look at the world, is creating an actual factual quantum conscious reality in the now? Live. Right before your very eyes. Imagine that without your body, you would only have floating organs, and a floating brain. The brain without the embodiment of the body, cannot express itself, cannot speak, and cannot process anything, unless it had eyes, and by cause and effect, something to house those eyes, given the beautiful gift that is the senses, one can also speak, taste, hear, feel, and see. So we are in agreeance, that the brain, an amazing, precise, calculated, cunning, processor, is truthfully just a pink ball of matter without the perfect machine that is the body, correct? So, when your brain develops enough to, in its collective memory bank, have enough information to become conscious, then is that the moment when, a child becomes fully aware and begins to have a collective memory and as a direct result, a final product of quantum consciousness, becomes conscious, something that can be accounted for and documented in the real world? Does this in it’s entirety make you existent?

What does it really mean to exist? Well, for something to exist wouldn’t it be safe to say, that we are readily aware of it? Right? I mean, before the family and friends break it to you that they don’t like that new hair color you dyed into your hair, you would not have known about that, correct? Prior to their telling you, in your mind, in your world, it’s not quite neither a factor, or existent for you until it is brought to your attention. So before you had knowledge of this fact, you were really diggin’ your hair! Now another factor exists, and you know about it, so that’s the new difference. Now, if you’re reading this then you might be thinking, ok so, I exist, now what? Well, do you? Homebodies, busy bodies, work bodies, couch bodies, so many bodies, too many faces, not many names make a difference. To be in itself, is to exist. To be an existential presence means long after your physical form goes, the essence of your spirit will linger, and that is holistically the difference between the thin line of being wholly human, or whole-assedly inhumane. It’s a thin line, between love and hate! So to predicate this movement, is to become YOU-proof. I say you proof because it’s probably a whole new way of having to look at things. At least that’s what my experience was, and what ensued was a uprooting of my entire existence. YOU-proof as in everything YOU’VE been taught about your body and your mind up to this point, you know, “Don’t let strangers touch you and give you candy.” or “Is it stressing you out, why don’t you smoke a joint to get your mind off things.” or “Your body is your temple.” -With no fucking explanation on what the fuck that even means. You know? YOU-proof like you’re probably you’re own worst critic, and if that statement doesn’t feel like it applies to you, you should probably look into some self-critiquing. YOU-proof like, once you gain absolute control of your mind, is when you can really understand it. By that I mean, up to this point you relate your mind to your body. When you are conscious and awake, and thinking, doing, interacting, then you also, relate your mind to your body. If you are not, conscious and awake, then chances are you are probably sleeping, and we can all agree that when we “dream” it’s definitely us in our own dreams duh, but it just doesn’t seem like you’re in your right mind. It’s a weird first-person, but third person perspective, agreed? Now imagine those are the only two circumstances in real life in which you have an active mind. Your mind is mostly only aware of one place that it could be, and that is here in this world. The dream-sleep world you, doesn’t have much control whilst dreaming and we often find ourselves somehow assuming that weird alignment of observing yourself doing things but not being in control of them much. Often recounting a dream in awe or surprise about your own and others usually out of character behavior. Your mind is truly only conscious here in this physical realm. I believe they accentuate the “physical” part of the whole realms idea, because anyone who has been to this place knows there is at once, nothing, and everything there. Everyone, but no one. It is everything and nothing. It is all. It is light. Enlightenment is the best way to struggle through anything in the physical realm as I believe the average human now a days has an attention span under 12% and that’s kind of high. Meaning there are roughly 88% of things that might miss your attention every time you blink. That’s why they call intermittent blinking, attentional blinks. With each and every consecutive blink, the last loses a bit of your cumulative focus. So understanding that the physical realm is just a small part of something much bigger, and much better, really paves the way for your sense of being, and most importantly your sense of self awareness. It’s amazing to come to the realization that you will continue to exist somewhere else, without a body. The feeling is one of absolute relief, and release. This place becomes so much easier. It’s energy irreplaceable by nothing, super human like abilities and knowledge, right at the source, you. The biggest mind blowing thing is that it’s you that stands in the way of you being able to relish in this infinity with me where things never get finicky for me. Consciousness just flows there, its absolute bliss.

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