Me and You

Truthfully, consciousness has no real final determination when trying to solidly put it into a “definition”. No fancy gadget can measure the extent to which anyone’s consciousness -extends, and much less can we even explain it. It’s probably for that reason, that human sociology, as well as human behavior, and reactionary and relational memory, intrigue me to the fullest extent. It’s fascinating and at the same time, challenging. I think that the energy bodies have a large final contribution towards what your final “mood” is, and that’s why, people are constantly changing, especially as they take in new experiences. 
The 7 chakras are 7 energy “wheels” that run along the base of your spine and span the length of your head down to your pelvic region. Both metaphorically and quite literally, tuning them up makes up your fucking backbone’s physical and mental strength.

Imagine that all your organs, the most important ones, are integrated into your body through skin tissue and layers of tendons and cartilage. Fused into the blood and flesh that makes up the embodiment of your spirit, are tiny fiber-like nerves that all quite centrally pass through each of these energy chakras and end up in fiber like nerve-fleshy wiring that leads to one big spinal electric fusion at the top-base of the spine, to make up the central nervous system wiring that starts to first send signals to your brain to let you know how you feel. Think about this. In each of your fingers, along the sides of each finger, runs a nerve, totaling in two. If you happened to cut yourself and severed the nerves on the outside of your pinky, you would never feel sensation on that one side of your pinky again. No longer will your brain receive a signal that says “Hey, this burns.” In fact, you wouldn’t even feel it, thus, even register it. So without your senses in tact? Are you sensing something here?

Now if all your senses have a direct result on how you perceive a situation, then wouldn’t it be important to know particularly what godly particle could be capable of making a machine so anatomically precise, so precise that one single spiritual powerful electric source can drive through you and the embodiment isn’t just your voice but its us.

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