Requiem For A Dream

What the fuck does that even fucking mean? Just kidding, it’s either the symphony/orchestra version of Requiem for a Dream, part of the soundtrack to the oddly enough, psychological drama film from 2000 or…

I’m talking about Clint Mansell’s Masterpiece

For the movie, in which the 4 main characters begin to be so wildly delusional on a drug-induced psychosis that they begin to lose their grip on reality.

That’s not what’s fucking happening here, so don’t go counting your chickens just yet. What I really mean is the way they depict the characters sort of “zoning out” is what I can most closely compare to the stupid-ass fucking park scenarios. That or I’m….. WAYYYYYY too deep inside the sanity. Or just motherfucking clinically insane. Either or, really beats me I’ll either meditate on that or learn to premeditate some meditation for some mediation between myself and other people’s salvation. LOL JK. jk about the jk. But seriously what really gives? I don’t know. But I will tone it down on the profanity. I’m cool as a cucumber now. :> In other news, there’s new developments on
what Nayeli, the fucking dragonflies? BECAUSE! They are starting to creep me out and nobody would fucking believe any of this shit. How seriously ridiculous is it to have seemingly discovered some pretty amazing shit and people just don’t “see” it? Ok hold on, all those dumbass statements were fucking vague as fuck. What I really mean is that at a total level of conscious awareness, meaning, being consciously aware of the fact that your existence is being a conscious energy-body being. When I say that, you need to really break it down and just say it a lottle slower. Yes, a lottle. Not a little. A conscious energy-body (based in origin from energy) being. That’s actively and in the present. To be. And then after all of that, be aware that you are aware of being conscious. Then fundamentally, when getting back down to the basics, you can realize that not only are all the answers already within you, but if you happen by the chance that they are not within you, the answers, by then, solely, and souly because you began searching within your soul you will start to recognize and see new things around you in absolutely everything around you, that you didn’t see before. In my experience, I found the most in big bright green fields, and in nature, where most of the things around me were mostly left untouched by humans. out your body in the necessary places, they spindle into tiny microscopic almost wire-like fibers that all end up in one main place. They lead up the height of your spine and end-up all in one big central nervous system that meets up at the base of your spine where all of these energy systems can communicate

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