Spooky Action At A Distance

When the Coronavirus disease was first announced to the public I remember thinking the symptoms were strange.

A Link to all current COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

Amongst some of the symptoms named, I remember, was Loss of sense of taste, and smell. I thought that to be the strangest of all the symptoms. At the time there was shortness of breath, fatigue, stuffy nose, etc. Pretty much the same symptoms as the common flu. What made me stop and think about the strangeness in this suddenly dangerous outbreak of a deadly disease made suddenly known to the public with such urgency is what struck me. The news spreading like wildfire in just a matter of days. The persistence on self-quarantine, facemasks, and even 6 feet social-distancing at ALL times, made me wonder, “Well what the fuck is really going on here?”

As if this wasn’t enough, suddenly the death toll starts to climb at an alarming rate, while people are scarce out in public but of beaucoup amounts in groups. Huddled together, throwing facemask after facemask on the ground after leaving a store, or my all time favorite, loaning your buddy a mask you used from earlier because he forgot his. So it’s being drilled into our heads how dangerous this ‘pandemic’ is, but people aren’t taking it so seriously.

No one thought that it was a little weird that in the midst of all this panic and frenzy, since the public starts to realize, at least here, in the United States, that this is in fact still on the news, for weeks, and suddenly they announce that basically every American gets unemployment due to job outage that will result from this pandemic, but also made it so every single person who applied for unemployment regardless of their actual occupation, basically received it no matter what, some even twice, no questions asked almost? It sounds acceptable, to the average nationalistic entitled MURICA type of American, sure. Anyone with half an ounce of dignity was grateful for the financial boost, but what really gives, AMERICA? A 20,000-25,000 lump-sum per American PLUS a settled weekly benefit amount that’s more than enough to plan a whole new little America, aye? While the National Debt Amount is literally rising per second still-to-date and the digits are in the trillions? Like at the same. damn. time?! “in that one voice that says this shit at the end of some outdated Drake song* Dayuuum SON, WHERE’D U FIND Dat Oneeee?

Meditate on that shit.


As if it wasn’t bad enough, One day, now its been Post-Apocalyptical-Pandemic-Social-Distancing mode for a year now, and things are seemingly normal, everyone still looks like they walked in to hold up the cashier and take the money from the register when they walk into any store, and it’s actually not ok to not be wearing your ski mask with the eye holes in it when you walk into the store. Haha!

I’m scrolling through the news feed, and right at the top it reads New COVID-19 Symptoms Announced, and I’m thinking great, what else could it be? So I click on the damn article and there at the top of the list for new symptoms was:

*Inability to Sleep/Sleep Apnea

*Inability to wake / Shake awake

What the fuck? Inability to Sleep? So you’d be a fucking zombie with enough sleep deprivation for sure. But, inability to wake?! So that’s pretty much fucking dead, right?

Don’t even get me started on the super powers. Super human abilities. The web of lies is arachnid as it starts to tear at the seamless spaceless fabric that is only your space-continuum.

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