To Be or Not To Be

Was the only option I had left. Some people talk about things they know nothing about, others don’t talk at all. To be one or the other matters very little, and in fact what matters the most is that you decide to be. Being an existential being differentiates greatly from being a human creature. I guess that’s what makes me feel alienated amongst most people. The average person has their 5 senses, respectfully. However, to use them as one, the mind, body, and soul is a difficult task. My daily maintenance is suffocating in caution, said Collichie. He was right. I find that if you fixate on things you want to change, and I don’t mean obsessively, I mean just to be mindful of it in the first place, mind full. Meaning it’s just your mind that you should fill with the positive energy that maintains you cautious and calculated. If that. Learning to not just mind somebody but learning to mind yourself, is a divine art. Who else could you trust more than yourself? To be able to really have that last sentence resonate not only in your head but in your chest, means you would have to truthfully know that. Can you trust yourself? Because only if you knew you could rely on yourself to not let you down, could you trust yourself. Right? When it gets down to it, only until you realize that in order to have others trust you, you need to be able to trust yourself and the rest will come. You should be sure of yourself, and it’s alright not to be. Everyone faces hard situations, and everyone endeavors in their own lives struggling with their own afflictions and vices, life is confusing, but to recognize that something makes you unsure of what your general view about something might be, It’s probably important you look into that subject. You could look on the internet and read article after article until you felt sure about it, or you could even ask people in your life who’m you hold in high regard and you can trust to help you get back to where you should be, and that is, in the now, ready to see what’s about to happen next. Not slowed down, stressed out, and extra irritated about things that happened already, further propagating and potentially poisoning your existence in the now, in the present 🎁 that is the now.

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