Temptation – A Blog Request

This morning someone asked me to do a particular blog in regards to temptation for her nephew. As soon as she said it I imagined it be regarding adultery but I was surprised to hear her say it was actually, drugs that was the topic.

Firstly, dear handsome young man, I am an adult who struggles with drug addiction to heavier substances than marijuana and vape. Take it from somebody who knows, there’s no high that could replace all the things you come to find out you lose as a direct result of your afflictions. Afflictions means something that messes with your holistic existence. Meaning how your energy body exists as a whole. Now remember, the anatomy of the human body is so amazing that its made up of mostly water, organs, blood, tissue, and skin, but something EXTRA-ordinary about the human body is it’s power. When I say power, i mean like,

“When I try to work during the day but didn’t get any good sleep, I lack in mind power. Easily forgetting things, nodding off, missing appointments”


“British colonies gain full control and power of Indian tribal lands.”


“Hey, can you go see if the breakers out, there’s no power.”

Power means to supply with energy and force, at it’s simplest interpretation.

The human body, is so powerful, it sends electric signals all day to your brain through tiny ions that generate electricity. The cell membrane serves to catch and transport electric charged ions, the flow of electric charge spans across the cell membrane, and that, generates electric charges. According to my observations in life, I believe any electricity your body is capable of creating stems from static discharge of other electromagnetic fields around you, and subsequently, any and all energy you exert in the physical processes of your body, like your heart beating, your eyes, blinking, your calculated subconscious steady breathing, as well as your voice, and your thought processes, your feelings, and any vibes, yes, you do let off a frequency, a wave, a vibe, an actual “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.” vibe, is generated by the entire product or finishing level that your total body energies create when they come together. In the center of your palms, is the Power Source from which you can willingly exert your power. On your actual body, you posses seven Chakras. Pronounced (Sha-Crus) that are like “energy centers”. Think of them as electric little information centers where all your spiritual ambition, meaning anything that is you, takes a bit of energy info here, a little bit there, and it stops at each chakra in your body and collects all the energy that you have stored there. This process is even more subconscious in nature , than even breathing and blinking. Subconscious pretty much means you don’t really make an effort to do it, it just kind of happens all on its own, even though it is you doing it. Blinking, breathing. However, this simultaneous constant process of the human individual is usually so subconscious that it would take someone pointing it out like I’m going to try and do for you, or otherwise you’d never really even know. At least not in the way I have learned to see it, and I can trust it because you could see it too, even IF you were legally deaf and blind.

The first is the crown chakra located at the top of your head near the crown.

The second is the third eye chakra located near your forehead.

The third is the throat chakra.

The fourth is the heart chakra.

The fifth is the Solar Plexus.

The sixth is the Sacral chakra.

The seventh is the Root chakra.

If these things don’t seem very interesting to you, that’s ok. It’s because you don’t fully understand it yet. If you hang in there, I’m going to show you some pretty interesting things I’ve learned about the human body in the last few years.

So, what does all this have to do with temptation? Everything.

First, let’s show you something cool about yourself. Yes, you, Y’s Nephew, and anyone else reading too, you can do this for yourself right now just to check. Everyone in the world, everyone is powerful. I will always try to empower you, and promise never to disempower you. Your hands, are the outlet for how you can manifest your power. If you don’t believe that it’s there, that’s cute. Try this right now:

In the center of your palms directly beneath your ring finger and your middle finger is what your looking for.

Now, synchronous, means existing or occurring at the same time.

If you place your hands in front of your palms each palm facing each other, and you move your palms in tiny round circles like when people try to warm their hands over a fire, they blow in their palms and then they do this same motion, trying to create warmth. Do this over and over, you’ll have to search for it until you feel it, but you will feel it. The actual feeling is a bit hard to explain. Your first thought will be, that it feels like a magnet, but I have a feeling that’s not quite the right word for it. I’ll get back to you on that concept later, as I plan to study it much closer. However, magnets, when brought together, will almost like, deflect and push away from each other. This feeling is similar, but there’s also a sense of growth there in pull, as you maintain synchronization and expand or bring your palms closer together while maintaining that energy force and maintaining the round circular motion. Once you know it’s there, its hard to ignore.

Do You Feel The Power?

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