On Meditation

Relish in being Infinite😇

Honestly, anytime in the past I was in a group of people and it was said we were going to close our eyes and ‘pray’, or close our eyes and just ‘relax and meditate’ – I can never say I had ever successfully closed my eyes alongside everyone in the group and really accomplished any type of calm collected state of mind afterwards. Needless to say, the scenario would go a little something like this, “Alright close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it, let it out, and repeat. Just … Clear….. Your …. Mind. … ”


Wait.. just clear my mind..😐

😒Pft. Yeah right.



No you don’t.


Once I discovered the endless beautiful light source at the end of the long corridor I could go to when I didn’t want to be in the world anymore. It was smooth sailing as far as adventuring through the world. Or should I say worlds. I really like to make reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1973 song “Simple Man” , in which he famously states a very important piece of advice you might need one 🌞 sunny day . “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, IS IN YOUR SOUL.” I believe that what he refers to is that holy spirit, that energy force that drives us all, it can be seen when you close your eyes. To become akin to it and to tap into this energy source can begin to transform your life greatly. I say this from personal experience, and stand by my belief system. A conclusion I have gathered based on all my personal experiences. I have learned so many things since beginning to meditate. In its own way, I think it is the one and only way to ‘pray’. It’s for that reason I believe that no one single person has ever prayed to the Almighty Omnipotent and then heard a response along the lines of any type of spoken language or utterance. There’s probably a reason for that. In fact, after meditation, I find with certainty I have spoken to the Almighty someway somehow. I would bet my life on it and I say that because after meditation sessions where I can find some clarity in the midst of all the chaos in my life, it isn’t like I get some instant gratification in the physical world. However, it’s undeniable, the sudden wisdom and realizations that come in the days that follow several energy sourced meditation sessions. The payout will make you so rich spiritually that the force you feel makes you feel so empowered. It’s true transcendentalism at its most uniform state. Surpasses the laws of physics and allows you to experience an out of body experience.

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” 

– Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

The realization that God is in everything is even more exciting and relinquishing. You gain an understanding for the seamless effortless force that is nature. You learn to accept it in its truest form. For some people, their truest form can hurt your existence, can make you feel, like you are very small, but it takes just a little introspective meditation on your behalf to gain some clarity , and change how you perceive other people’s shortcomings. It’s important to remember that an individual’s ultimate character is pretty predetermined by the age of 25 and there isn’t much you can do to reinstate the experiences and lessons that have made that person who they are in the present-day, whomever they may be. So, when people you love make you sad, or disappoint you, it’s important to first make a note of exactly how that might make you feel. Regardless of whether or not the other person in question acknowledges they’ve hurt you or not, it all depends on how you react to something like that. If you reciprocate and give what you get, not only does that make you exactly like what made you feel actual feelings that made you upset, evidently, based on the same behavior on your behalf- which sounds like a plan for more upset parties. But changing how deep you might be perceiving the situation, could change the entire outcome of some energies that are manifested into all the energy waves in the world. The word depth-perception really gives insight to the quality of depth perception a person might really have, based on how well they can analyze a situation. Brainstorming pros and cons of certain hypothetical outcomes for situations. The average Joe jumps the gun and behaves inadequately, hence all the discord in the beautiful song that life could be. It ultimately is down to you, to free yourself from the restraints that exist in your mind. The independent penitentiary that keeps the most of us locked away our entire human lives, locked away in our minds. Once you learn to conquer your mind, you can always recharge your energy straight from the source, and the source and essence to everything that is is the only way to be. There’s only one kind of person to be. To be one with the world . With everything that is. You must become YOU PROOF.

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

It’s impossible to take any one take on meditation and call that the finite form of meditation.

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