One with Everything

It’s a difficult concept to wrap your mind around. Consciousness. In my personal experience, I have discovered hidden depths to the many different levels of consciousness. Firstly, at the stage of infancy, I see a complete lack of self-awareness for both the outer world and the inner world, which refers to “the mind”. It seems everyone comes into sudden consciousness at the age of 5, maybe 6. The first conscious memory is accounted for, and in fact, most people have a hard time trying to allocate that first real memory. So, if we take in this world using extrasensory perception, and about 80% of our memories are consistent with things we have seen, then it is safe to say that it is our eyes, that allow us to accurately measure the world around us. It is our eyes, that allow us to observe this world and all its information, process the received image, and then not only recollect it with specificity but also allows us to incorporate it dimensionally to each of our own particular realities. Meaning, how well you perceive the world around you, determines your dexterity, depthperception, and proximity to things moving around about you in the space-time continuum.

What’s the space-continuum?

We describe the existence of 4 dimensions every day as we move about in our lives. For example, if you and I were to want to meet for coffee, then dimensionally, in this world we live in, we would have to be able to coordinate with each other in a way we could both determine to be at the coffee shop at the right time. So how would we do this? Well, you’d probably ask me a couple things, like, which local Starbucks we should meet at. What time? These factors are all indicative of our subconscious awareness of the space-time continuum. What it basically means is that aside from the movements you make around the world as your own independent energy body, space, and time, still continue to move around you as well, never ceasing in its almost rhythmic cosmic dance. So, meet me on West and March on the second floor of the Starbucks coffee shop at 8 AM. To coordinate, you and I both would be able to take that information and allocate ourselves somewhere specifically in this dimension so as to be able to pass each other in the space-time continuum. The dimensions of the space-time continuum consist of the 3 dimensions of actual space around you, Height, Width, and Length. You can think of these as entire streets (for width and length), building stories (for height) Example: second floor of the Starbucks coffee shop, and the fourth dimension, (time) as 8 AM. These four factors ascertain that as we both perceive the space-time continuum, in order for us to join each other in the space-time continuum, we would have to specify each of these dimensions to one another.

So I don’t let nobody hold my camera.

It’s safe to say that consciousness, can be closely compared to the way a film works. A sequence of pictures in fast succession, depicted together in playback with added audio will look like real-time motion when observing it on a TV screen. It gives the illusion of something seemingly happening in real-time, at least as you observe it, regardless of whether it is a live play or a screen movie, the idea of what you are processing in your brain is almost identical but in real conscious space-time continuum time.

“I mostly was wondering who the fuck was directing your movie? The capitlistic big daddy government, right? You’re just an observer and not a real time actor like everybody else. Damn, they got yo ass.”


g2g i will update this soon.

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