I always thought human sociology was off-putting for several reasons. For one, the world is made up of mostly water. There is in fact, more water than there is land, however we still have to pay a water bill. Oh, and the land ? Yeah it’s been here for ages too, I didn’t make it, you didn’t make it, but somehow some way, someone else showed up and little-white-flag-on-a-stick claimed it before your little silly ass, and actually that’s the real reason you’re paying property taxes or giving up any money at all in the first place, to live on land that they must have spent seven days creating alongside the rest of the fucking world. So you pay for that, too. The food and nutritional values in our lives? Hell yeah, you bet partner, shit it turns out beacoup food will actually grow from the ground if you care and cultivate it. The livestock, well there’s plenty! Enough to have chicken ranches, and even vineyards and vineyards and orchards and orchards dedicated to mass producing vegetation, fruit, and more food, but yeah, you also are going to have to break bread, 🍞 and no, not literal bread like Jesus, but literally paper, that’s been printed with fancy letters, dyed a specific color of green, and been empowered to the point of extortion, murder, mass genocide, and heinous atrocious crimes against our very own people in order to survive– in a place where we literally had everything we needed right at the source of existence. Even the electric current that runs most of our household appliances, and powers literally everything from your vehicle to your brain, is harnessed, yep- you guessed it, right out of the fucking ground! It’s the reason all your electrical devices need to be grounded out when dealing with electric current. Society and the idea of being better than the next person, the greed, the ugly in capitalism has really taken its toll on the human race. The lack of spirituality is horrendous. To any one individual who has had the privilege of leaving this physical plane as a direct result of some concious traumatic event, a near death experience, or anything related to that sort of situation, then it should be pretty apparent that the whole thing is about to collapse on its last limb. Unfortunately, it goes without saying, that we are likely to indifferently accept that which is cohesively rendering us all a bit in cohesive. Judging by the extent of social conditioning and the long lasting effects it takes on the lower end of the hierarchy there in society, I’m assuming it’s all downhill from here.

Life’s A Mystery Box

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