A Closer Look

The expression “My life flashed before my very eyes.” has taken me on a wild adventure that I’m still on the edge of my seat for! One day, on my way to work in Tracy, Ca I spun out on the freeway going 75 mph while in the third furthest lane. As the car begun to spin out of control, I experienced this phenomenon reported by many other people in a “fight or flight, near death experience” kind of moment, where my present now moment that I could see through my eyes was briefly put on hold, while I re-experienced a run-through of every single, and I mean every single waking moment in my life. Before my very eyes, like a VHS movie still on the screen but stuck in fast forward. Then suddenly, just as fast as it came it went, and I was back at the accident, everything moving real slowly like if I was in a drunken stupor, and I can hear a really high-pitched ringing noise I can hear over everything. All I can hear is that high-pitched sound, and all I can feel is the pain. I was in the intensive care unit for 2 days before I was in stable condition, and awoke with a neck brace, a minor concussion, and a major concussion. The recovery process was lengthy and painful even after returning to work 3 months later.

Googled: Space

One day as I stayed up late thinking about the world, the stars up in the night sky, the universe, and our whole purpose for existing in the first place, I began to ponder the last subject heavily. I thought mostly about how this world, this country, has such a technological and industrial advantage in “facilitating” at least mechanically, the individual’s life. I thought about the experience that living and experiencing this “life” is like on this earth. I started out by making it a point to recognize that we are sentient creatures, that predominantly rely on our 5 senses to fully capture and experience this world. The 5 senses, sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. These are the senses that allow us to adventure throughout the world, processing information as we learn and we grow. Of the 5 senses, no one is more important than the other, but the one that allows us to accurately recollect memories, be they fond ones or not, is our vision. Again, they say that about 80 percent of your memories consist of things you have seen. Our eyes are what allows our conscious mind to process information we see as we adventure the world. So our eyes, alongside knowledge, skills, traits, experiences, and lessons that we learn along the way in our lives, help us perceive the world around us, allows us to make vibrant memories, that makeup everything that is “you” right now. As I realized newer and newer things in looking at the world around me, I started to realize, that my “measurement” of my ‘peripheral scope tunnel vision’ was at a large disadvantage already lacking in refueling my energy from the source.

The air you breathe is produced right from the source. Hi Mystery Box!

As I looked closer and closer as the world moved about all around me, I realized with more and more clarity things I was missing before. I was walking down the street, aimlessly, wondering why dragonflies seemed to be hovering over me, everywhere I go, when in my peripheral I can see two cars coming fast from the left of me. As they passed me up, the sounds of their revving motors suddenly roaring past me scared me a little, and I jumped, blinking rapidly, expecting impact for some reason. (My brother had been run over just recently, an accident in which his entire face was broken). As they zoomed past me I was dumbfounded to see only one vehicle smashing past me, throwing me down an endless rabbit hole where the possibilities are molecular, “infinite”, a place where anything is possible, once you gain an understanding of the way the world works… The way that if we were one with everything that is, then you seamlessly also start to comprehend how your energy body works and is experiencing this human experience, and in understanding the simplicity in structural, molecular, quantum oneness, the movie is literally yours. If you hold the knowledge, you hold the power, if you hold the power, the enlightenment and transcending period come with ease. The feeling is euphoric and quite frankly incomparable.

You can change the scene on set, and those who live mostly unaware insentient lives, those who remark people “think too much” or subsequently “overthink and over-analyze situations” would never even notice a constant lag in their everyday occurrences, hell, we don’t even notice whole ass 7/11s when they come up overnight and shit. Those kinds of people blink so much they probably missed all the little things anyway, which of course lie, where the wild things are.

I googled “Where the wild things are” MYSTERY BIRD BITCH!

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